NHK Roundup

2. What is NHK Roundup?

The Roundup is a gathering of Woodcarvers where Instruction is provided at reasonable cost, and an environment which provides opportunities for people to meet other carvers and improve the carving skills. 

It is a one day event. Planned on that basis to avoid the need overnight accommodation.

It is held at a facility in the Niagara, Hamilton. Kitchener (NHK) region, 1 1/4 hour north of the  US Border.

It has a large Hall, which is clean, heated, a kitchen, plenty of parking, and is easy to find.  

Attendance requires you Pre-register which helps by giving us an idea of the number of people to expect.

While we have targeted a specific area, it will be advertised throughout Southern Ontario, and on the WEB and anyone is welcome.

For more information and to provide input, contact John H. Poole at